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Sadly, in this year of 2022, our organization lost several major and long-time members: Billie Mahoney (1927-2022), Ann Hutchinson Guest (1918-2022), and Jacqueline Challet-Hass (1934-2022). Ann and Jacqueline were, respectively, ICKL President and Vice-President. We are indebted to the commitment of these three experts, who collectively contributed much to the development, teaching and promotion of notation. Prominent figures from the beginning of ICKL, they never stopped participating and supporting the organization until their passing this year.

The 32th ICKL conference was held July 17-23, 2022 in Budapest, Hungary. It was hosted by Magyar Táncművészeti Egyetem [Hungarian Dance University] through the efforts of on-site organizer Henrik Kovács. This conference, (which should have been held in 2021 but was postponed for a year because of the pandemic), gathered 57 members, from 13 countries across 4 continents.

We are now preparing for the 33rd Biennial Conference of the International Council of Kinetography Laban to be held in Seoul, South Korea, July 17-23 2023. The host of the conference will be Sangmyung University Global Research Institute for Arts & Culture Education (GACE). The call for papers is still open; the deadline for proposals is December 5, 2022. Please visit https://ickl.org/conference/conference-2023/ for details.

Courses & Workshops

The Ohio State University

The Dance Notation Bureau Extension Center for Education and Research at The Ohio State University brings together collaborators in 2022. A team is working on Archiving Black Performance: Memory, Embodiment, and Stages of Being to establish a vision for the transmission of identity and race through the acquisition and embodiment of repertory of internationally recognized Black women choreographers and performers. The mission is to elevate via performance, oral history, archival research, summer workshops, digital preservation, and communication methods and publications, the dances of these women as represented through Black lives and Black bodies. See Scores and Stagings below for more information. Supported by funds from The Ohio State University’s Department of Dance, Global Arts and Humanities Discovery Theme Grant, and Seed Fund for Racial Justice

In Spring 2022, a new course, Embodied Access, was offered at OSU. The class engaged student researchers with the DNB’s World Dance Collection in the Theatre Research Institute. Students read scores from multiple cultures and countries and developed projects focused on a score of their interest.

Kenyon College

Julie Brodie’s Elementary Notation class at Kenyon College will visit the Ohio State University archives in November. Mara Frazier will help guide their final project research as they engage with the materials in the archives and with dance students from OSU.

Conservatoire de Paris

Seven students completed their Master’s degree in notation at Conservatoire de Paris this past September, namely Alice Boivin, Karine Boudier, Inés Sofía Cardona Parra, Camille Chaigne, Sinibaldo de Rosa, Raymundo Ruiz González, and Anne Sudrie. Their studies to promotion were guided by Noëlle Simonet, recently retired from the Conservatoire.
Nineteen students are currently studying at the Conservatoire in the 1st cycle and 2nd cycle (Master) under the supervision of Olivier Bioret and Estelle Corbière, the teachers in charge since 2021.

Dance Notation Bureau

In 2021-2022, the Dance Notation Bureau conducted a virtual Advanced Labanotation course. The course was taught over four sessions and brought together teachers and students from around the globe. In all, the teachers and students represented seven countries. The instructors included Marion Bastien, Julie Brodie, Siân Ferguson, Pascale Guénon, Leslie Rotman, Noëlle Simonet, Lynne Weber, and Valarie Williams. The course explored topics such as partnering, floor work, systems of reference, props, acrobatics and more. Emphasizing both reading and writing, the curriculum succeeded in helping students gain an in-depth understanding of advanced Labanotation theory.

Espacio Laban

Espacio Laban in Mexico, in collaboration with the Dance Notation Bureau in New York, hosted the Elementary Labanotation course online from July 11 to August 5th, 2022. Mei-Chen Lu from the DNB taught in English and Miriam Huberman from Espacio Laban translated the content into Spanish. The students were from Mexico, the United States and Brazil. This was the second collaboration between the DNB and Espacio Laban. Five Mexican student from the first course earned the DNB Elementary Labanotation Certificate in 2022.


The Centre national d'écriture du mouvement en cinétographie Laban [National Center of writing of the movement in kinetography Laban] organizes two days of work for professional notators in Pantin, France. November 19, 2022 was a day-long session on upper limb analysis (leading, segmentation, succession, direction of palms, etc.), led by Vincent Lenfant. November 26, 2022 was a day-long session on Shape in Laban Movement Analysis, led by Raphaël Cottin and Angela Loureiro (CMA). www.cnem-laban.org



The score of Ulysse (1993 version) written by Pascale Guénon and Geneviève Reynaud, has been deposited at the library of the Centre national de la danse, France and at the library of the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris. This choreography by Jean-Claude Gallotta, with music by Henry Torgue, was created in 1981 and restaged several times, most recently in 2021 by the Groupe Emile Dubois (Jean-Claude Gallotta's company). It is a 1 hour, 13 minute piece of choreography for 11 to 13 dancers.

Aide à la recherche et au patrimoine en danse

Ulysse's score benefited in 2018 from a grant from the Centre national de la danse, as part of its yearly funding programme “Aide à la recherche et au patrimoine en danse”.
In 2022, two score projects were selected: the solo On The First Counterpoint, choreographer Nina Vallon (notation by Flora Rogeboz), and the group piece Forme Simple, choreographer Loïc Touzé (notation by Magali Brument). Ann Hutchinson Guest – A life in notation, the audiovisual documentary project led by Cassia Sakarovitch, was also selected for a grant.

The following projects selected in 2021 will be presented on January 17, 2023 at Centre national de la danse in Pantin, France: the two solos Slavic Dance and Dance with a Baton, choreographer Rosalia Chladek (notation by Christine Caradec); the group piece Red Notes, choreographer Andy de Groat (notation by Noëlle Simonet and Vincent Lenfant); the one-hour quartet Another Look at Memory, choreographer Thomas Lebrun (notation by Raphaël Cottin), as well as the project to put Knust’s Dictionary of Kinetography Laban (Labanotation) online, led by Mónika Éva Lisztes.

Archiving Black Performance: Memory, Embodiment, and Stages of Being

Within the frame of Archiving Black Performance: Memory, Embodiment, and Stages of Being at The Ohio State University Valarie Williams has notated a version of Primus’ Bushasche Etude and a draft score of Bebe Miller’s Rain. She also worked with Carolyn Adams to notate in draft form her solo from Paul Taylor’s Runes, while the team provided background information on the dances.


Two Ecstatic Themes

Kenyon College senior student Erika Abe is staging Doris Humphrey’s Two Ecstatic Themes from score for her senior thesis project. It will be performed on December 8, 9 and 10th as a part of the Kenyon College Fall Dance Concert. Gail Corbin is coaching this staging, which is being advised by Julie Brodie.

Water Study and How Long Brethren?

In the fall of 2022, Valarie Williams, at The Ohio State University, is restaging Doris Humphrey’s Water Study (1928). Dante Puleio, Artistic Director of José Limón Dance Company and a part of the José Limón Dance Foundation will coach the work. Williams is also staging a short section, “Pickin’”, from Dianne McIntyre’s version of Helen Tamiris’ How Long Brethren? as a part of a special topics repertory class. This is embedded in the Archiving Black Performance project, where students learn about the history of our dance canon through embodiment and engagement with the movement.

Other News, Other Projects

PURPUR - Spionage, Tanzkunst und Kinetographie

Karin Hermes is finalizing her artistic research about Oda Schottmüller, Vera Skoronel, and the resistance against the Nazi Regime. The score Der Teufel im Dorf [The Devil in the village] – a choreography created by Pia and Pino Mlakar and premiered 1935 in Zürich, Switzerland – is playing an important role in the resulting historical fiction in German language entitled PURPUR - Spionage, Tanzkunst und Kinetographie. The project was awarded with the Swiss Dance Price for Dance Heritage by the Swiss Federal Office for Culture. Karin will give insights in a guest lecture at the University of Arts in Vienna, Austria, November 15th.

The Theatre Research Institute (OSU)

The Theatre Research Institute at Ohio State University Libraries recently received gifts of papers from notators J. Yvonne Parker and Billie Mahoney. J. Yvonne Parker studied Kinetography with Albrecht Knust in the 1950s and later joined the faculty of theatre at Yale University where she taught dance and movement for actors. Ms. Parker also served on the board of the Dance Notation Bureau during the 1960s. Billie Mahoney was a legendary jazz and tap dancer, dance teacher, and notator and a Fellow of ICKL who passed away in 2022. Her papers include correspondence, notation theory notes, and photographs. These new collections join the Theatre Research Institute’s recent gifts of notation papers from dance notation luminaries Toni’ Intravaia and Lucy Venable and complement the rich Dance Notation Bureau Collection. The Theatre Research Institute is open to all for research. Please contact Mara Frazier at frazier.88@osu.edu for research appointments or with questions.

Asia Pacific Dance Festival’s International Conference

At the 2022 Asia Pacific Dance Festival’s International Conference in Hawai‘i Dr. Hye-won Hwang presented a fascinating paper relating to Korean dance that included movement analysis. For an abstract of the paper and a brief biography of Hwang see page 17 of the conference guide: https://manoa.hawaii.edu/outreach/asiapacificdance/2022-conference-guide/. For a fuller biography of Hwang and her work, indicating her CMA training, see https://arts.unl.edu/music/faculty/hye-won-hwang.

La Poétique des Signes

In September, Raphaël Cottin's company La Poétique des Signes participated in the inauguration celebrating the reopening of the Richelieu site. This is the historic birthplace of the Bibliothèque nationale de France [National Library of France], which has been under renovation for 12 years. Amandine Brun and Raphaël Cottin engaged in four days of performances highlighting the writing of movement.

La Poétique des Signes will also perform on December 1 at the Musée des Beaux-arts de Tours, France. This performance with Raphaël Cottin and the flutist Cédric Jullion will use a Labanian approach to illuminate the exhibition L'Amour en scène on 17th and 18th century French painting and the world of Baroque opera.

Knight's Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit

On the 20th of August, National Day of Hungary, Henrik Kovacks was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit in recognition of his successful professional work dedicated to the research and teaching of folk dance.
Iconography from top:
· source: Carolyn Adams with OSU students, courtesy OSU, DNB extension.
. source: Ulysse's score, courtesy Pascale Guénon and Geneviève Reynaud.
· source: Reading Water Study’s score at OSU, courtesy OSU, DNB extension.
· source: Karin Hermes artistic research, photo Adina Hermes.
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