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Some ICKL news:

Conference 2023 in Seoul

The 33rd conference of the International Council of Kinetography Laban /Labanotation will be in Seoul, South Korea, July 17-23 2023, organized with Korean Society of Dance Studies, hosted by Sejong Research Institute for Dance Content, Sejong University.
On-site organization - Chief : Hyoung Nam Kim (President, KSDS / Head of Sejong Research Institute for Dance Content, Sejong University) ; Coordinator : Kyung Eun Shim (International Director, KSDS / Research professor of Sejong Research Institute for Dance Content, Sejong University).
You can find a provisional list of communications on the conference webpage, including a pre-registration form to help us anticipate how many people plan/hope to attend.
You will also find conference fees and registration forms on the webpage.


The ICKL Board of Trustees and the Research Panel changed membership in January 2023.
The Officers, Trustees and Research Panel Members on duty for the next 2 years are posted on our website: http://ickl.org/ickl/organization/


The yearly call for ICKL Membership was released in February 2023.
To become a member of ICKL, please go to: http://ickl.org/membership/join-ickl/

Events & Other Projects

Moving & Mapping Modern Dance 2023

In 2022, the practice of modern dance in Germany was included by UNESCO in the worldwide register of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.
See https://ich.unesco.org/en/RL/the-practice-of-modern-dance-in-germany-01858
Moving & Mapping Modern Dance 2023 - an artistic and pedagogical “thinktank” to discuss sustainable strategies and steps for the cultivation and dissemination of Central European modern dance - will be held May 18–20, 2023 at DOCK 11, Berlin, Germany.
Organisation by Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung e.V. (gtf), - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Rosalia Chladek Deutschland/IGRC e.V. (ARC-D), - EUROLAB – Europäischer Verband für Laban/Bartenieff Bewegungsstudien e.V.
Karin Hermes (Bern) will be lecturing about Jooss-Leeder Etudes and Notations (Kinetography Laban/Labanotation)

The Ohio State University Library (USA)

The Lawrence and Lee Theatre Research Institute at Ohio State University Library has recently acquired valuable papers of two notators. The Billie Mahoney Papers on Dance Notation include materials relating to Mahoney’s work as a notator and her involvement with the Dance Notation Bureau and ICKL. The J. Yvonne Parker Papers reference Parker’s studies with Albrecht Knust and her work with the Dance Notation Bureau. Both collections will be available for researchers later in 2023.

BenMove, Benesh International Conference (France)

Our Benesh colleagues are organizing an international conference, July 4 to 7, 2023, at Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris, France.
Information: https://www.congresbenesh.com/2023.

Teaching and Universities

Elementary Labanotation Course in Spanish (Mexico)

The Dance Notation Bureau (DNB) is collaborating with the Espacio Laban in Mexico for the third time to offer an Elementary Labanotation Course via ZOOM. It will be taught by Mei-Chen Lu of the DNB in English and translated to Spanish by Miriam Huberman of Espacio Laban.
The course dates are from June 6 to July 8, 2023, Tuesday to Saturday, 3 hours a day.
For course fees and registration, please contact Miriam Huberman miriamhuberman@prodigy.net.mx

Laboratory for Scenic Movement (Mexico)

Jorge Gayon, PHD, is now a full-time teacher in the Arts division of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua (UACH), Mexico.
The Laboratory for Scenic Movement at UACH Arts, led by Jorge Gayon, was created last February. This Laboratory will host various action-research programs, such as the elaboration of Gayon's next paper to be presented at the 33rd ICKL conference: Rereading Rudolf Laban, for an active application of Qualitative Movement Analysis and Effort Training. This research seeks to identify and characterize various acting training approaches in choreological terms. Performative practices considered in the project include: Anne Bogart's and Mary Ovelie`s Viewpoints, the Suzuki's actor's training method, Meyerhold's Biomechanics and, if viable, the actor's trainings proposed by Eugenio Barba and Jerzy Grotowsky. Pregrade and grade UACH's students from diverse faculties will also propose other techniques. The basis of this Laboratory will be applied active choreology and training (effort and choreutics) with the Laban-Decroux' method for students and professors from the dance and theatre divisions of the UACH's Arts Faculty.

Workshop in Kinetography (France)

Noëlle Simonet was invited by the Pôle d'enseignement supérieur de musique et de danse de Bordeaux (PESMD), to give a 9-hour introductory workshop in Kinetography that allowed students to read the score of Fan Dance created in 1978 by Andy de Groat and notated by Raphaël Cottin (see below, Publications).

Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris (France)

The application to enter the notation class (1st cycle) at Conservatoire started March 20, 2023, cut-off date May 1. For those preselected, entrance tests are June 2.
Information and registration:

Language of Dance Center (USA)

Foundations Online courses start in June 2023. Asynchronous lessons begin on the 19th of June. Synchronous sessions Part I-II will be June 18-July 8 f and July 11-20. The instructors of the courses are Shana Habel, Maria Royals, Kodee van Nort, Cassie Roberts-Rossi and Corazon Tierra. LODC members will have the advantage of discount rates for the courses and partial scholarships are available for BIPOC students. For registration and information please visit: https://www.lodcusa.org/

Scores & Notation Projects

Several research and notation projects were presented at Centre national de la danse in Pantin, France in January and February 2023.
• “Following Red Notes: looking for its Laban Kinetographic Translation”, by Vincent Lenfant and Noëlle Simonet. [About the score of Red Notes, chor. Andy de Groat created,1977]
• “Another Look at Memory”, by Raphaël Cottin. [About the score of Another Look at Memory, chor. Thomas Lebrun]
• “Two solos by Rosalia Chladek”, by Christine Caradec. [About the scores of “Baton dance”, 1930, and “Slavic dance”, 1923, chor. Rosalia Chladek]
• “Digitizing and publishing the Laban Dictionary of Kinetography (Labanotation) by Albrecht Knust online”, by Mónika Éva Lisztes.
• “Graphic representations of movement through the dance libretto for Pierre et le loup”, by Marie Orts, Lina Schlageter, Garance Bréhaudat, & Clarisse Chanel
• “D.E.G.A.S. (danse écriture du geste et son approche systémique), Dance, Systems, and Writing Gestures”, by Christophe Duveau-Villéger
Descriptions for the projects can be found on the following webpages:


Leaping into Dance Literacy through the Language of Dance

By Teresa Heiland
Dance-based dance literacy using a constructivist approach supports creativity and learning. The book gives examples of applications of dance notation with dancers of all ages. Associated benefits are demonstrated using model activities supported by research outcomes, lesson plans, choreographic explorations, and learning taxonomies. The main aim is to present the theory and purpose underpinning the approaches to dance literacy as explored by the Language of Dance® community in the USA and UK. Through their teacher training programs, they are changing the face of dance-based dance literacy using motif notation. Foreword by Ann Hutchinson Guest. 410 pages, published by Intellect, 2023.
The book can be purchased from the Intellect website or Amazon. https://www.intellectbooks.com/leaping-into-dance-literacy-through-the-language-of-dance

Labanotation and Choreography Theory

By Dan Liu
This book analyzes typical dance images, dance composition, and its corresponding structural movement in traditional Chinese dance in the context of the origins of dance and the specific presentation of dance in history, folklore, and society. The cultural meaning in the artistic expression and symbolic embodiment is correlated. In order to investigate the significance of dance creation in China, the book examines dynamic images, movement structures, and Chinese classical and folk dance forms under the traditional category.
First of all, the book sorts out and analyzes the formation of Laban Movement System and its development and changes. It draws on Laban's movement thinking and Laban's movement description and combines traditional and modern dances to analyze how the essence and structure of movements can reflect the idea of dance creation. Secondly, the main ideas of Effort are explained and expressed. The movement sequences of different dance forms in classical, folk, and modern are argued respectively. Finally, the author elaborates on the necessity of applying Laban Movement System in dance creation and its important practical meaning.
Published by Guang Ming Daily Press, 2022, Chinese language.
The book can be purchased from the bookstore of Beijing Dance Academy: https://m.tb.cn/h.UKi4kO6?tk=vtMCdj5sfYS

Andy de Groat's Fan Dance

Ed. and score by Raphaël Cottin
New edition. This emblematic piece, created by Andy de Groat in 1978, has been presented since its creation in many countries, by professional dancers as well as by many groups of amateur dancers. This bilingual French/English book, revised in February 2023, includes an introduction presenting the work, the score in Kinetography, and an appendix with additional documents. 98 pages, bilingual French-English edition, € 28 incl. VAT, plus shipping costs.
Further details and purchase: https://www.lapoetiquedessignes.com/fan-dance

Dance Notation Bureau Library News Spring 2023

In this new issue : Kinetography in Hungary, by János Fügedi, and In Memory of Ray Cook, by Robin Woodard.
Download at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q94qVY8qpYUTj7KQb0L7_eWL7YPpI4AV/view?usp=sharing
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· source: Sigurd Leeder (1902-1981), Leeder Collection, Swiss Archive of Performing Arts (SAPA).
· source: Vincent Lenfant and Noëlle Simonet presenting Red Notes score at CND, January 2023.
· source: Cover of Teresa Heiland's publication Leaping into Dance Literacy through the Language of Dance.
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