LENFANT, Vincent

Position: Member
Categories: FRANCE

Vincent Lenfant currently studies kinetography Laban in the proficiency cycle at the Conservatoire de Paris (CNSMDP). During his notation course at the Conservatory, he restaged Totem Ancestor by Cunningham, solos from The Green Table (the Death and the Profiteer) by Kurt Jooss, choreographies by Jean Cébron (I am alone with the beating of my heart, Starting point and an excerpt of Espace) and some exercises taught by Gundel Eplinius. He also notated works by Rachid Ouramdane and Emio Greco. In 2016, Vincent Lenfant obtained a Master in dance studies (Université Paris 8). In his thesis/dissertation, he analyzed how the Lyon Opera Ballet restaged One Flat Thing, reproduced by William Forsythe in 2014.