Position: Member
Categories: CHINA

ICKL Board Member, 2018-2021

MFA Supervisor and Executive Deputy Director at China Laban Research Center in the School of Dance at Beijing Normal University, received her BA and MA from Beijing Dance Academy. Her teaching and research areas include Chinese folk dance, Labanotation, and Laban movement analysis. Yi began her career as a professional Chinese folk dancer. In 1994 and 2000, Yi was the champion and runner-up for the 4th and 6th Taoli Cup Dance Competition, Folk Dance, Youth Group. After obtaining her MA in 2007, Yi became a lecturer at the School of Dance at Beijing Normal University. From 2007, Yi studied Labanotation with Bingyu Luo, one of the pioneer Labanotation scholars in China, and later on with the Dance Notation Bureau. Yi has had several articles on Labanotation published in Journal of Beijing Dance Academy, International Creative Dance Forum and Art Criticism and was one of the translators of the Chinese version of Labanotation (authored by Ann Hutchinson, published in China in 2012). For the past years, Yi has been actively involved in ICKL and was the onsite organizer of the 30th ICKL conference in Beijing in 2017.