TANG, Yiran

Position: Member
Categories: CHINA

Yiran Tang [汤怡然] is currently an undergraduate student at The Nangjing University of the Arts (NUA), majoring in “choreology’, the study of dance history and writing of dance criticism. She attributes her interest in Laban studies to the famous Chinese dancer, Dai Ailian. Some relatively short time ago, in her dance history class, her teacher spoke about how Dai Aillian had devoted herself to the research and promotion of Labanotation in China, igniting Tang’s curiosity about the subject. As a result, she began to study more about Laban and Labanotation. At the end of 2018, she completed two of the three LIMS Certification Program introductory courses: Introduction to Bartenieff Fundamentals and Introduction to Laban Movement Analysis. Starting this year, she began learning Elementary Labanotation.