ICKL Newsletter #0

Dear reader reader,

a new communication tool

We are starting this year an ICKL Newsletter, a letter created for disseminating news on what is going on with ICKL activities and what is going on worldwide with Labanotation/Kinetography Laban and related Laban theories.

You are receiving this letter because you are an ICKL current member or have been an ICKL member, or are involved in Labanotation/Kinetography Laban.
If for some reason you are not involved anymore in notation activities and want to unsubscribe, simply follow the link at the bottom of this letter.

We aim to send this letter every 4 months, but will issue special letters if there is some specific ICKL news to release. The Newsletter will include sections such as ICKL News, News on members activities, Publications release notice, Technical matters focus…

edited with your contributions

The Newsletter will be edited by Shelly Saint-Smith, ICKL Board member and Fellow, with the contribution of ICKL Research Panel...and with your contribution as well!
Indeed, in order to get a well documented newsletter, reflecting on the great diversity of notation worldwide, we need your contributions.

So please send us news on what is going on in your country, university, etc.
Information about new books, journals,  new scores, reports on Labanotation/Kinetography Laban or including Labanotation/Kinetography Laban can be recorded in the following Google form.
Other news such that could be of interest for the Laban community such as announcements of courses, workshops, lectures, restagings, scores in progress, etc. can be sent to us.
If you have an illustration to provide, it will be most welcome.

In order for us to prepare ICKL Newsletter #1, we kindly ask you to send your news or complete the Google form before April 15, 2016 at newsletter@ickl.org.

Hoping this new communication tool will help us to communicate better through the year!

Yours, ICKL Editor



Conference 2017

The 30th Biennial Conference of ICKL will be held July 24-29, 2017
(arrival July 23 / departure July 30), at Beijing Normal University.
Conference onsite organizer: TANG Yi
See www.ickl.org/conference/conference-2017/

Membership 2016

It is still time to renew your membership or join ICKL for 2016.
See www.ickl.org/membership/join-ickl/

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We are now on facebook.
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