Here you will find in the future  resources on the use of Laban notation worlwide.

Please contribute to this page!

1 – Bibliography of textbooks

Many textbooks have been published through the year, in many languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Catalan, Chinese, Russian, Finnish, Slovenian… but there is no bibliography of all those resources available. Help us in collecting information.

You have published a textbook in your country? you have translated a textbook in your language? you know about a textbook in your country/language?

Please send a note to webmaster [a] with bibliographical data.

> See List in progress…

2 – Bibliography of Laban’s books

Another goal is to build a bibliography of the books of Rudolf Laban, in original language or translated.

If you know a Laban’s book published in your language, please let us know.

3 – Learning centers worldwide

We had like to identify learning centers in the world.

You are part of a university, a dance centre, a dance organization, and you teach on a regular basis Laban notation or Motif notation/Language of dance.
Please let us know.

Send a note to webmaster [a], indicating the type of organization, the location (city and country), and a brief description of the classes/courses given.