Guidelines for Authors

33rd Biennial Conference of ICKL

Preparing Manuscripts for ICKL 2023 Conference Proceedings

Deadline: December 30, 2023

Instructions for Manuscripts



The ICKL_Style_Guide

The ICKL 2023 Conference Proceedings will be published in 2024. All participants are encouraged to submit manuscripts or abstracts for each paper or worksop presented during the meeting.
The editors strongly urge that all presenters submit their presentations or descriptions of workshops in the form of a paper. If the presenters prefer submitting only an abstract, illustrations – following the guidelines detailed below – may also be included.

The Conference Proceedings typesets all manuscripts so that your paper does not have to be submitted in camera-ready form. However, it is very important to follow the Instructions (files attached) to expedite the publication process and minimize questions from the editors.

Manuscript Submission

Submission of a manuscript implies that the material is original material written by the author or co-authors, and that its publication has been approved by all co-authors, if any, as well as by the responsible authorities – tacitly or explicitly – at the institute where the work has been carried out (if relevant, and if not carried out as an independent scholar).


Authors wishing to include figures, tables, or text passages that have already been published elsewhere and that go beyond what is considered ‘fair use,’ are required to obtain permission from the copyright owner(s) and to include evidence that such permission has been granted when submitting their manuscripts. This permission should be reflected in captions for any such items. Any material received without such evidence will be assumed to originate from the authors.


In addition, all authors must submit a short biography (no more than 700 characters, including spaces). The biography should start with the author’s name and institutional affiliation (if any).