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Benefits of membership

  • Network with other professionals in the field
    (Access to ICKL general member listserv, access to members directory);
  • Access resources on the ‘members only’ section of ICKL web site
    (Proceedings of the latest ICKL Conferences);
  • Support ICKL actions.
    All members of the Board of Trustees and Research Panel work on a volunteer basis, ensuring the current activities. However ICKL need some financial resources to handle special projects, such as adding more resources to the web, helping members from emerging countries to attend conferences, etc.

Membership is based on the calendar year.

Membership 2024

• Regular fee: 45€  or $US 47
• Student* fee: 32€  or $US 33

* Student fee: please enclose a copy of your current student ID

Paying with PayPal

Members willing to pay online can use PayPal to send their dues. Using PayPal the dues will be in Euros.
1) Download and fill the form: 2024_ICKL_PayPal
2) Pay online with PayPal
3) Send the Membership Form to ICKL Treasurer Europe, Estelle Corbière:

Paying with the US Check

1) Download and fill the form: 2024_ICKL_US
2) Send the Membership Form and your check (cashable on US banks only) to ICKL Treasurer US, Mara Frazier by postal mail (address in the form). Contact: