GAYÓN, Jorge

Position: Member
Categories: MEXICO

Jorge Gayon, PhD, is a movement-actor, choreographer/stage director, choreologist, and ethnoscenologist who specializes in expressive movement. He is the author of the Laban-Decroux project, in which Laban’s movement analysis tools are applied to the study of Etienne Decroux’s actor training method. This project led him to the conception of the LAMA (Laban’s Active Movement Analysis) perspective for training performers and composing/coaching performances. A member of the ICKL since 1995, he has collaborated with the Laboratory for Research on Performing Arts (CNRS-France) and CENIDI-Danza “José Limón” (INBA-Mexico) and is a founding member of the Centro Mexicano de Estudios Coreológicos, A.C.