KIM, Jian

Position: Member
Categories: SOUTH KOREA

Jian Kim is a professor in the Department of Dance at Sangmyung University in Korea, where she teaches Korean Dance and other dance programs. Courses which she deals with include Fundamental Principle of Korean Dance, Korean Dance and Performance Curation Practice, Arts Research for Korean Dance. Jian Kim has operated two projects. First, since 2017, she has operated school art instructor project which supported by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Another project is about life cycle dance education supported by the Ministry of Education. Specifically, research is being conducted on the development and implementation of dance programs for the life cycle for infants, children and adolescents, adults, the elderly, and the people with disabilities. She is the lead author of Introduction to Arts and Culture Arts Education and she also translated Dancer Wellness which is originally published by Virginia Wilmerding in the US . Jian Kim is the vice-president of the Korean Society of Dance Studies, the editor-in-chief of the Society of Korean Dance Studies, and the associate editor of the Research in Dance Physical Activity. She is the artistic director of THE Dance: MAC and she is successor of National Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 92 Taepyeongmu and Seoul Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 45 Hallyangmu.