KOVÁCS, Henrik

Position: Member
Categories: HUNGARY

Henrik Kovács is an associate professor at the Hungarian Dance Academy, teaching kinetography, and folkdance methodology. He earned his first degree at the Szent István University as a rural development agriculture engineer, exploring how a folkdance ensemble could develop a local community. He subsequently obtained his BA and MA at the Hungarian Dance Academy in relation to the teaching of folk dance. As a former deputy head of a dance elementary school he graduated as a public education leader at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He completed his PhD in ethnography at the University of Debrecen. Kovács has been an amateur folkdancer from the age of 6, and a teacher from the age of 14 as assistant one of the best amateur folkdance ensemble in Hungary. He participated in the Leonardo, Euroesthetica program and is the author of several articles on dance methodology and kinetography.