The primary right of Fellowship is the deciding vote on changes or additions to the Laban system of notation.

Fellows are expected to participate actively in the technical matters of ICKL, either through correspondence and/or attendance at ICKL conferences.
It is understood that Fellows will remain current in their knowledge of changes or additions to the system.

To be considered for Fellowship a Member must fulfill the following:

  • provide evidence of an advanced practical and theoretical knowledge of the Laban system;
  • have attended at least one full Biennial Conference of the Council;
  • be recommended by a Fellow of the Council.

It is also strongly recommended to provide:

  • a letter of intent from the applicant, explaining why s/he wants to become a Fellow, and how s/he want to be implied in ICKL activities;
  • a recommendation letter from the sponsoring Fellow, explaining why s/he thinks the candidate would be an asset for ICKL Body of Fellows.

Any member of the Council may apply to the Vice Chair to be considered for Fellowship. Application for Fellowship must be submitted to the Vice Chair prior to the ICKL conference or at the beginning of the ICKL Conference which the applicant attends.

Members are elected to Fellowship by a 2/3 majority of votes received from all the Fellows.

(For details on Fellowship, see Article V of ICKL Code of regulations and article 4 of ICKL By-Laws)

download the Fellowship application [PDF format – 28 ko]

List of ICKL Fellows


  • Ann HUTCHINSON GUEST – USA/UK, Core member
  • Sandra ABERKALNS – USA
  • Béatrice AUBERT – France
  • Marion BASTIEN – France
  • Olivier BIORET – France
  • Odette BLUM – USA
  • Julie BRODIE – USA
  • Christine CARADEC – France
  • Jacqueline CHALLET-HAAS – France
  • Wendy CHU – Hong Kong, China
  • Melanie CLARKE-DUFF – UK
  • Mary COREY – USA
  • Raphaël COTTIN – France
  • János FÜGEDI – Hungary
  • Pascale GUÉNON – France
  • Karin HERMES – Switzerland
  • Anja HIRVIKALLIO – Finland/Germany
  • Billie LEPCZYK – USA
  • Billie MAHONEY – USA
  • Sheila MARION – USA
  • Gábor MISI – Hungary
  • Leslie ROTMAN – USA
  • Rhonda RYMAN KANE – Canada
  • Shelly SAINT SMITH – UK
  • Noëlle SIMONET – France
  • Chih-Hsiu TSUI – Taiwan/France
  • Judy VAN ZILE – USA
  • Victoria WATTS – UK/USA
  • Lynne WEBER – USA
  • Valarie WILLIAMS – USA